My PianoBox in Vienna’s biggest Neo-Gothic church.

On October the 23rd over 500 people celebrated a fantastic charity event by Rotary with my PianoBox in Vienna’s Votiv Church.

Since I came to Vienna, I was always fascinated by the Votiv Church, while practicing every day in a room on the other side of the street. I often thought about how it would be to play there, but I couldn’t dream that someday I will develop a concert format, very personal, very emotional, in a permanent connection with the audience, talking about my stories behind the music.

Lost love, melancholy, barbarian rhythms and wild dancing are not the typical religious topics for a church, but reaching for the bound between music and humans is. Maybe this is why it still felt so right. I loved playing on a stage surrounded by the audience and everything together made the impressive Votiv Church a warm place to be.

And what made this really special, together with the exhibition of Djawid C. Borower and perfectly organized by two Rotary Clubs, the event reached an unexpected amount of donations. The Faraja Center Arusha in Tanzania is now able to assure for one year the life, schooling and the start into independence for thirty girls and their babies.

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