PIANO & DANCE by Maria Radutu & Eno Peçi

PIANO & DANCE is an evening by two artists turning two art forms into one. A powerful dancer beside a sensitive pianist, ballet and music. Dancing virtuosity and pianistic fulfillment. Above all: music for all senses. Spectacular, impressive, unique.

The beauty of PIANO & DANCE is, that you can really see the music.

Maria Radutu

For me it is important, that Maria plays the music like she is feeling it. Play how you feel it and I will follow you.

Eno Peçi

On October 2nd the long-waited premiere of my new Piano & Dance project with solo dancer of the Vienna State Opera, Eno Peçi took place. The perfect setting for this premiere was found at the Muth – Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben in Vienna.

Check out our short video of this unique evening, when we both succeeded in uniting these two art forms and creating a breathtaking evening for our audience.

Because of the great success a second performance date this season at the Muth as been added: Mark your calendars and get your tickets for 28 May 2020.


F. Chopin – Preludes Op. 28


I. Stravinsky – Tango

G. Gershwin – Three Preludes for Piano

M. Karlsson – Finale from “Blanc”

G. W. Gluck – Dance of the Blessed Spirits

M. Annau – Ninni

P. Constantinescu – Toccata

S.Rachmaninoff – Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23, No. 5

© Ashley Taylor

Maria Radutu – explorative piano virtuoso. Singing hands. Brings music under your skin. Creativity without limits. From gentle to thrilling, from classical to modern.

Eno Peçi – masculine ballet dancer. Sensitive physicality. Portrays the freedom of dance. Stage presence, expressivity. From dream to rage, from romantic to new. The solo dancer of the Vienna State Opera has an impressive career as a choreographer with works and shows all over Europe and overseas.

The two have worked together on the stage of the Vienna State Opera, Eno in the leading role, Maria as a guest soloist. After inspiring conversations, the idea of a project together was instantly clear. Eno’s versatility and Maria’s programming have created an evening to melt two arts into one story. Two virtuosos in unison.

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