PHOENIX – The new piano album by Maria Radutu

The transformation of unfiltered emotions of young souls, through fire, to acceptance and rebirth – melting into freedom

The album Phoenix starts with “one strong emotion per piece” with romantic, folk-inspired classical and world music works. The climax is reached in Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz, where all the elements burn together, exploding into a thrilling dance. Out of the ashes left behind, it creates the space for a modern fusion of styles, a new world of musical expression by Marco Annau’s “Crossing Lines”, Gershwin as the first “crossover” composer in history and Mikael Karlsson’s “Finale” melting old beauty in a contemporary musical surrounding.

Fire creates, destroys, warms and accompanies us in the most diverse and intimate moments. From the whispered lullaby, dancing in a fire place, to the last dripping candle. During one hour of music, we travel together through dances, emotions, love and melancholy. The juvenile sparkling atmosphere of the beginning finds its way to maturity and balance, opening your mind and soul. With a slightly autobiographical touch, Phoenix shows Radutu’s interpretation of questions like “where does the music go?” and “how do we learn from the past to create the future?”

The album will be recorded in Spring 2019 at tonzauber in the Vienna Konzerthaus and the live concert will premiere in July 2019.

  • F. Chopin – Prelude Op. 28, No. 18
  • E. Satie – Gnossienne No. 1
  • B. Bartok – Allegro barbaro, Sz. 49
  • F. Say – Black Earth
  • M. Annau – Ninni
  • I. Stravinsky – Tango
  • H. Villa-Lobos – Alma Brasileira, Chôros No. 5
  • F. Liszt – Mephisto Waltz No. 1
  • G. W. Gluck – Dance of the Blessed Spirits
  • M. Annau – Crossing Lines (commissioned work)
  • G. Gershwin – Three Preludes for Piano
  • M. Karlsson – “Finale” from the ballet “Blanc” by Daniel Proietto

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